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Therapy Pool

Set to music, this shallow water high intensity workout provides a great cardio challenge while tightening and toning the entire body.

Boomer Beat

Studio B

This fitness jam session improves cardiovascular capability, strength and balance, encourages range of motion, supports

Deep Water Tabata

Therapy Pool

Tabata interval training is one of the most effective types of interval training.  Mixing this format with the properties of water this class will blast away the calories, increase endurance […]

Challenge Fitness

Studio A

Step up your fitness with basic step moves that will increase over all fitness by building strength and flexibility and boosting your cardiovascular strength.  You will conclude your workout with […]

Aqua Wellness

Therapy Pool

A great cardio program that will help increase range of motion and strengthen muscles with a low impact workout.  Arthritis foundation principles will be applied.

Beginning Ballet

Studio B

Learn the principles of classical ballet while having fun!  This class will help individuals improve their posture, coordination, muscle tone and flexibility.  No prior dance experience needed.  Socks or ballet […]

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Studio B

A continuous, energizing flow of dynamic postures incorporating breath and movement for a total body workout that improves posture, flexibility and mood.

Restorative Yoga

Studio B

A slow paced class which incorporates mindful movements and deep stretches in connection with your breath for a total body relaxation.

Aqua Ease

Therapy Pool

A series of walking exercises in warm, shallow water utilizing hand/arm movements to improve flexibility, coordination, and mobility. Appropriate for all levels.

Strength Force

Studio A

A class designed to tap into your athletic side through strength and power movements.

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